The Affiliate Program


Red Barn Chili is Looking for a Few Good Folk!

Ever wanted to open your own restaurant or see a Food Truck and say, "I could do that!"?

How about earning extra income, pay off debt or you're just not ready to fully retire?

Become an Affiliate and You Too Can Learn and Earn

RBC is launching an Affiliate Program to those folks who want to:

  • Learn the food service business without the massive investment in start-up.
  • Reach financial goals
  • Be their own boss
  • Be a part of a growing and exciting business model
  • Enjoy meeting people and working in fun outdoor environments

If this sounds like what you are looking for then:

About Me

I'm 65 years old and not yet ready to retire (ever), so I decided one day to jump into the catering business with no experience whatsoever. Of course I had to learn, invest a lot of money and spent many years making it happen. Today, I cater my Red Barn Chili to folks like the Ohio State Football team and have been doing so for the past 5 years. I love it!

The Vision

My vision for the Affiliate Program is to offer folks like you an opportunity to learn and earn! Learn the food service business while being your own boss without having to fork over a ton in investment just to earn a good return from your sweat equity. With a healthy work ethic, a willingness to be open to new adventures, and a commitment to YOUR VISION, I am willing to share my vision, my knowledge and my carts to overcome the barriers of opportunity in the potential of your success.

The Market

If you're from Columbus, you know we are into Food Trucks in a big way. I work around these guys all the time and I know the hassles they encounter almost every day, the biggest being paying off their truck.

A Food Truck can run from $80K to 120K just to buy let alone upkeep. So to operate a truck, most of these guys take out loans which means you have to make a certain amount of sales everytime they go out - just to cover their nut!

With Red Barn Chili, operating a cart is easy. Take an order, scoop some chili, take another order! With a food truck (since they're a restaurant on wheels,) when you order they make it right there on the truck taking 15 minutes or more, just like the restaurants do! I've scooped 3 to 4 bowls of chili in the time they serve one order.

You see, it's all about "tickets", the number of orders you fill; say at an average of $8/order for me and $20/order for them. My turnover is quicker and so I fill 20 tickets to their 5. Do the math.

Don't get me wrong, plenty of people running Food Trucks do well (and that's great for Food Carts, too,) but imagine you're at a Car Show or a Festival your hungry and you go to get something to eat. You see your favorite truck but the line is a mile long. Do you honestly think you could endure standing in that line if you saw a Red Barn Chili Wagon slopping chili on Dogs over and over? Maybe you would but...not everybody!

What's it take?

Not the kind of investment one makes in a food truck, that's for sure. The basics include but not limited to

    1. Setting yourself up as your own company
    2. Provide food liability insurance if you're a more involved affiliate (there's a program that for $300/yr you're covered up to $300K in liability)
    3. Obtain your ServSafe certificate issued from the Columbus Public Health (recommended for basic affiliation, required for more involved affiliates)
    4. A deposit to assure safe handling of the food cart asset. Don't let this discourage you, flexibility on both sides is part of being open to new possibilities. Your level of interest and commitment to working has a lot to do with this.

(Remember, like most trucks and cart do, Red Barn Chili requires a minimum $300 in sales usually guaranteed by the event coordinator or host.)

Start by Being a Contracted Operator

As a Passive Affiliate, you can simply operate the cart at events we provide so here's how it works - We post events to passive affiliates. You request the events you want on a first come basis. When you're assigned to an event, you receive an hourly rate as a third party contractor for the time you served the event. That's it, you get paid and get to go home when done.

Engaged Affiliate

If you have more of an interest than just being a passive operator, you can look at higher involvement opportunities offered such as leasing, purchasing with supply contract or outright purchase. In these environments, the take away for you depends on the level you choose:

    • Short-Term Engagement - Renting the cart for events you book on a per diem basis. Typically for the Day or Weekend
    • Long-Term Engagement - Leasing a Red Barn Chili Wagon. A minimum lease term is 3 months or more.

Affiliates in this level are required to have certain skills, certificates and experience as well as supply contracts and security deposits. It is essentially your baby so prepping for and cleaning up after become integral to its operation and the success of the booked event. The more bookings you make, the more money you can bring in. It's totally up to you. And we support you all the way.

Franchised Wagon Owner

If you're like me and want to jump right in the fire, a franchise opportunity may be your ticket. With an RBC Franchise, you own the Wagon, pay a small franchise fee, have a locked-in pricing during the two year standard term supply contract for all Red Barn Chili products  and all the Training and Support you need. Financing is available to those qualified individuals. For more information, let's talk.