Barnyard Briefs

Worthington Farmers Market

Attention: Bricks of Red Barn Chili Hearty Beef Chili purchased on 02/12/2022 at the Worthington Farmers Market showing a "Best By" date of 07/01/2019 have been mislabeled due to printing error. The correct date should be 07/01/2022.

The mislabeled product was produced on Thursday February 9, 2022 and packaged on Friday February 10th. Frozen products such as these have a recommended shelf life of 5 months in the Freezer.

At Red Barn Chili, we print the "Best By" date on the bag for easy reference and use a hand held dot matrix printer. An error on the date was not updated after a previous recharge of the handheld printer which printed "2019" instead of the current year "2022."

Every effort to protect the public health as it pertains to our products is paramount. If any product purchased causes concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.