I was working on a food cart at the family farm in Xenia trying to think of a name for my new chili business. I walked out of the barn and paused for a moment. I turned around. Low and behold the sun was beaming against the splendid red color of the old structure. And it was if the spirits of all the hands that worked and toiled and made use of this glorious feature poked me on the shoulder and said, "Red Barn Chili, Ed. Red Barn Chili!" They poked me so hard, I had to pick myself off the ground and dust myself off.

So without hesitation, Red Barn Chili was born. Since that time, I've been fortunate to serve my special recipe chili to some of Columbus' finest college athletic institutions and do they eat a lot of chili! I want to make Red Barn Chili a proud staple of the greatest city in the land.

Thanks for the time,

Mr. Ed